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>Yankee Stadium… Naked

“…I love you… I am now so sorry. I am aware of how my behavior and my choices could have appeared to you and been experienced by you as betrayal. Please forgive me.”

These were the words of Iyanla Vanzant to Oprah on her show last week.

Oprah’s response? “You are already forgiven”

Oh, soooo many things I could say on so many levels about this episode… but I will focus on one. Let’s talk about apology.

I know. You’re afraid that …

>V-Day ticks me off

It’s not the commercialization of a contrived holiday, nor is it the idea that you must be coupled to have worth. The biggest thing wrong with V-day is the idea that there is just the one day of expression for how much we care about each other. I’d bet that the collective disappointment most people feel today has more to do how poorly a box of chocolate, even really good chocolate, makes up for feeling underappreciated the other 364 …

>Stop texting your s**t!

How is it a good idea to go off on your partner in twenty-word sound bytes that can be soooooooo easily misunderstood?!

‘Cause that’s what you’re doing.  Seriously. You’re about to go ten rounds with your partner because they misinterpreted what you meant, or maybe you meant it, but only because YOU misinterpreted THEIR taking a shower (i.e., without their phone…) for ignoring you.

But it’s not just about misinterpretation, it’s about the loss of connection. When you’re texting, you miss all …