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>10 Answers…

As you read this, I am on vacation for a week, but for those of you stuck at your desk, or otherwise, I wanted to give you something good… something really, really good… I found it, I found it FOR YOU!

“Ten Questions that Have No Right to Go Away”

Want to have a real conversation? Frustrated by working so hard and having it go nowhere? Wonder why singing at the top of your lungs

>Mars and Venus collide…

Sex. You want it, they don’t. They want it, but you don’t. This is one that comes up for couples all. the. time.

There are a few things that could be happening, but I want to talk about a really likely one- Different Strategies.

Men want to have sex to feel emotionally connected to their partner; and women want to feel emotionally connected to their partner in order to have sex. Gross generalization? Yes. Consistently demonstrated?

>It’s not me, it’s YOU!!!

Yup. Sometimes it actually is all about your partner. Sometimes it has nothing to do with you. But rather than just saying that, you respond to them with some version of ”Wow, that’s a really f***ed up thing to say, you big idiot!” …annnnnnnnnd now it actually is about you, too.

It goes like thisĀ  – Jeni* brings up the idea that she needs more ‘down’ time in her relationship with Jeff, and suggests that he reconnect with …

>What’s stopping you?

“The only limits we have, are the limits we set for ourselves!”
-John Victor Self
My beloved spin instructor shouted this out as I sweated along to pounding club music, at the exact moment I was absolutely sure that my legs were going to fall off.

I couldn’t help but think about how this mantra applies to our relationships.

I see many people who are …