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>Why (you think) couples therapy doesn’t work

There is some seriously bad work going on out there – and they’re calling it “couples therapy”. People tell me horror stories about prior therapists telling them to give up and get a divorce; that their problems are unsolvable, or worse. You probably know someone who had an awful experience, who could agree with the Consumer Reports study that cited couples therapy as the lowest rated for consumer satisfaction1.

>How about you stop being a jerk for V-Day?!

Lately I’ve noticed that a lot of the V-Day cards are… apologetic. And I mean a LOT.

As in ‘Sorry I’m such an idiot all the time. Thanks for putting up with me… I’ll probably forget your birthday again… Sorry in advance. I hope the overpriced roses and candy help soften the blow…’ That’s it. No intent to change, just ‘Sorry’.

So here it is, pure and simple – Instead of apologizing semi-annually, how about doing less of the jerky stuff in the first place!? 

I vote …

>Txting to DIS-connect

I<3 txting; it’s so much easier for obvious reasons; mostly because I get my message across in a fraction of the time it would take to actually speak to someone; (Hiiiiiii… how are youuuuuu…).

The problem is not with texting or email, it’s in how we use it.

When you are texting, you cannot feel the other person the way you can when you are listening to their voice; that means that they can’t always tell that you’re being silly, …