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>The Other ‘Morning After’

You got married (hopefully) because you took time to learn about each other and found something special there. Did you really expect to wake up as the same people every day forever?!

The problem is that no one talks about what it’s really like to be married; no one talks about what happens the morning after you ride off on that white horse into the sunset… So of course you worry that there’s something wrong with you when your Sleeping Beauty starts complaining constantly; …

>”Marriage is a f***ing Marathon…”*

My husband used to do triathlons; he would swim, then bike, then run, as I quietly analyzed what sort of mental disorder would make him actually want to do all of that.

It wasn’t the actual competition, but the preparation that most intrigued me. As much as physical training, you had to have a plan – How will I support my body to endure what my heart most wishes to do?! This usually involved some personal combination of hydration, salt tablets, …