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>Strapped In

Balancing both feet on a thin wire strung high up between two trees, even my pinkie fingers are shaking.

I’ve gotten almost to the middle without looking down..

But when I see how far I could fall, I see only certain death coming if I continue.

I feel only the fear.

I freeze.

Static fills my ears.

Then a voice reaches up to me –

“What’s gonna happen if you fall?”

Apparently, my whole team had …

>Why VDay is Hilarious…

Okay, it is not that I hate V-Day;

I do take issue with a culturally integrated event in which folks are encouraged to save up all of their appreciation of each other for one day of ‘sorry I’ve been such a d-bag the other 364′.

And apparently there’s not enough alcohol, sugar and flowers to make up for it, because I get a lot of calls on the 15th from couples who would ‘please like to …