>Can we fall back in love?

Remember when you first met your partner and suddenly started blowing off friends, calling in sick to work – generally falling off the radar? Remember??? 

By the time you realized how insufferable they could be, you already needed them; badly. You may have already been committed; engaged or married, when you stood in your newly-leased kitchen, holding the sweaty socks that he left lying in the middle of the floor (again) and wondering for the first time, ‘WTF did I just sign up for?!’

Well, you were drugged… and you did it to yourself, so that you could create a bond with your partner before you found out all the ugly stuff. The drug is called oxytocin – you may know it as the ‘cuddle hormone’ that creates bonding between a mother and child. Apparently you also experience a rush of it when you ‘fall in love’, but it can stay in your system for months afterward; I’ve even heard one couple swear that it was years before it really wore off. Lucky them.

Here’s Hedy Schleifer, who is much better at talking about this than I am; it’s four minutes of your life that can be more illuminating than cheating at ‘Words with Friends’…



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  1. smazzella

    Interesting theory and quite believable but I also think nature is sitting back having a laugh at our expense.

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