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Yeah, you.
Put it down.
Your life, your LOVE is waiting!

>Tears. Good ones. Laughing Tears.

Top 10 Crazy Things
said when up late with Kids…

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Though years go by in a heartbeat, some of these nights Will. Not. End.

>Is it me???

Yeah, it’s you – partly. I mean, no matter how screwed up your partner is, you’re the one who chose them in the first place, so you must be at least equally screwed up, right?! But before you drown your sorrows in the concoction of your choice (i.e.; ice cream with mashed-up candy bars, mmm…) consider this:

The person you are today is a different version of the one who said, “I do”; it’s you, but better, wiser, full of new …

>What did you expect?!?!

So you expect your partner to be more….. You fill in the blank- more sensitive? More helpful? More understanding? Why? Just because you want them to be?

People are constantly being disappointed by their partners because they have expectations based on an idea rather than the reality of the other person, and this is where they get into trouble. For example, your partner is late coming home from work again, so you are stuck either twiddling your thumbs, or once again …

>Explain yourself…

Someone handed me a great article about how therapy works, to help us explain how and why we do what we do…

Click below to check it out –

“Getting to Know Me” (link)

Enjoy, and please feel free to pass on to anyone else who might be curious!

>It’s not about what you think it’s about…

If something bothers you, like it really reeeeeally grates on your nerves, more than twice, there is a law of nature that applies. It’s called the 90/10 rule, and I learned it from the relationship masterminds Hedy and Yumi.

Yes, about 10% of what pisses you off is actually what’s in front of you. Yes, it is rude and inconsiderate when your partner leaves her wet teabag and grains of sugar scattered about the kitchen counter …

>Snarky? Me?

So now that you’ve had a moment to look around, I’d like to just say this…

In the therapy room, I am compassionate and grounded; humor does play an important role in my work, but it is hardly a primary one.

My voice on this blog will definitely include…. um…. a greater expression of that humor, if only because I’m actually talking more than I (hopefully) do in the therapy room!

While you’re visiting the blog, I hope you find good information; I …

>…annnd we’re LIVE!!!

Welcome to the long-anticipated BLOG! I’m so excited to see you here!

This is actually a soft- launch – if you’re here before Monday the 17th, I’d especially love to know how you found me!

Please play around as you wish – press buttons, see where you go…

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