>Find your (im)Perfect Zen…

Of course you are insane… ly busy. Life can feel like 24/7 struggle to get 42 things done in the next 5 minutes; it’s incredibly hard to turn off. Last week, I actually stuck my head in the freezer in an effort to stop my brain from spinning. (It doesn’t work, by the way.)

Many of us are living in crisis mode, which is only sustainable during a… crisis; for a limited period of time. To conserve energy, our body instinctively crashes when the crisis wanes. We need to find ways to manage so we aren’t constantly crashing, to find pockets of shelter in the storm – it’s not total zen, but if we rediscover moderation, we can indeed get some relief.

Self Care – When things get crazy, we drop our own comforts first. We stop going to the gym and grab fast food. In an effort to shut it off, we stop giving our brains the good stuff, like reading, sharing interesting or funny stories… Slow down and ask your body what would feel good – maybe you don’t have time for a full-on yoga class, but anyone can do a few minutes of deep breathing. Maybe you don’t have time for a 4-course meal, but you could certainly grab something green instead of something fried! Make little changes first – you will find time in places you didn’t even know about!

Beware the energy suckers – Internet, gaming and TV become addictive, in that we’re usually on them more than we really intended – although we’re distracted from our worry, it doesn’t replenish our emotional tank. It may be a good escape, but compassion and closeness cannot be found on Mad Men… in so many ways. Turn it off and turn toward your partner; get curious about what’s happening with them; share what’s happening with you. Maybe you will detox enough to, ahem, go to bed… a little earlier?

Delete and Delegate – Really, if you suddenly found out you had an aneurysm, how many of the things you do daily would seem so important? Get rid of stuff that you overcommit to, that you don’t enjoy. Delegate a few things you can live without; (that means no criticizing when they inevitably don’t do it as perfectly as you do, btw…)

Sleep well – You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to know that losing sleep will make everything worse; add to that the simple truth that you are actually more productive in your waking hours when you sleep better at night, and it’s a total win-win.

The better you take care of yourself, the more capacity you have to stay connected in your relationships. The goal is not to pursue perfection, but to find moments of zen that fit your life perfectly. That is true harmony.






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