>Get schooled like Tyra Banks!

Wait, what?! It’s true, Tyra Banks is now a student at Harvard Business school! As in: Tyra Banksat HarvardLegally Blonde references aside, I’m watching the story on CNN, and thinking, ‘…Isn’t Tyra a pretty successful businesswoman anyway?!’ This leapt right into the idea* that just because you have a mostly-successful relationship, doesn’t mean you couldn’t use some support, right? You know, some preventive skill-building for the tough times – those blowout fights, or the one fight that just doesn’t seem to endever. Like the one about his late nights at work, or her meddling mom… What about working on the tension that has no name, but pops up in the worst possible places, and just won’t go away?

So I’m putting together some of my favorite local and destination relationship building workshops. No need to be on the brink of disaster, just looking to actively reconnect … I mean, without relying on beverages of choice…

Hedy and Yumi Relationship Builders www.hedyyumi.com – Workshops for couples in several countries AND several languages!

“Hold Me Tight” Couples Workshops and Weekends www.holdmetight.com

or if you are in the NYC Metro area, you can go to www.nyceft.org and view local therapists who run such groups

Metropolitan Marriage and Family Therapy – www.metrorelationship.com Day and weekend workshops and retreats for couples

Have you ever done it? Do you think you would? Please let me know if you know of any others, locally or in far-flung places!

*… not even Monday morning can shut down ‘therapist brain’…



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