>Happy Mother’s (in-Law) Day…

Have you had “your day” absolutely ruined by a Mother-in-Law?! I think it’s the complaint I hear most often after a day like “Mother’s Day”…
That’s why I absolutely loved this brief post by a MiL who brings her therapist-ness to her new role. She’s never been a Mother-in-Law before AND she never really had one, so she asks for help from her new Daughter-in-Law and those who love her, in figuring out how to play a supportive role in her DiL’s life!

I wonder how much conflict could be eliminated from this complicated relationship if more of us discussed what we want our relationship to look like. Of course that would take some serious shifting for most, but what about approaching your Mother/Daughter in-Law and saying something like, “I really appreciate the way you (enter positive characteristic (or two) here). And sometimes I feel like we could enjoy our time together more, if we understood more about each other.” Be ready for some pushback, or suspicion; so start with something minimally revealing about you, to give the other some insight. See where it goes. If it progresses, then great – trust your instincts and keep going, *(with care). If it heads nowhere, or downhill fast, let your MiL or DiL know that you are open to talk more if they are ever interested in doing so. Just the idea that the relationship is up for discussion may take some pressure off. Let me know how it goes!

Last chance to read the In-Law article here.



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