>How about you stop being a jerk for V-Day?!

Stay out of the doghouse this year!

Lately I’ve noticed that a lot of the V-Day cards are… apologetic. And I mean a LOT.

As in ‘Sorry I’m such an idiot all the time. Thanks for putting up with me… I’ll probably forget your birthday again… Sorry in advance. I hope the overpriced roses and candy help soften the blow…’ That’s it. No intent to change, just ‘Sorry’.

So here it is, pure and simple – Instead of apologizing semi-annually, how about doing less of the jerky stuff in the first place!? 

I vote that we make V-Day more of a ‘New Year’s’ for our relationships… Let’s make it a day on which we resolve to do more of the good stuff and less of the crap that keeps pulling us down. And if we have a lot of trouble doing that alone, let’s resolve to stop putting it off and do whatever it is that we need to get back on track with each other – a vacation? A retreat? Therapy? You know what it is, you just haven’t made a move. Yet. Do it. Do it NOW!!!

As for this particular V-Day, I also vote that you go ahead and get a babysitter on a freaking Tuesday night and do something together that reminds you of why you fell in love in the first place! Your favorite therapist highly recommends it.







2 responses to “>How about you stop being a jerk for V-Day?!”

  1. MamasFriendClive

    Amen! It’s hard to find a good man? Well it’s hard for a good man to find a decent V-day card! LOL!

    Great post!

    1. Maggie

      Totally with you, Clive-
      Thanks for the response!

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