>How to LIKE your partner (again)…

Along the lines of last week’s post about actually liking your partner, you may ask – how do I do that? Has it been that long?

The better predictor of relationship satisfaction is not how well your partner supports you in tough times, but rather, how you share the good times together! So step 1 – create an environment in which you have fun, not to compete or aim for perfection – just to Have. Fun. Together. (again).

For example, by now you may have seen the ridiculously attractive couple lip-syncing to Disney’s ‘Frozen’… they clearly seem to be having fun! Yay!

But have you seen the ‘real story’ couple hilariously trying to re-create the same? First of all, they look much more like people I actually know; and I love how they are cracking themselves up in the process of 50-something takes. It’s not about the finished product, it’s all about Having. Fun. Together. (Note: If you’re pressed for time, watch up to 1:22, and then skip to 2:45 to the finish).

Burps, farts and boogers happen. As this demonstrates hilariously: Life is sooooo much better when you laugh at the burps and the farts and the boogers, saving your high and mighty disdain for something that really matters.

LET GO. Be free to crack up yourselves and each other! Perfection is overrated anyway.







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