>How to Suceed at Marriage Therapy (?)

swirly clockThe research says that by the time most couples get into therapy, it’s about six years later than they should have come; and there are all kinds of reasons for that. Bygones.

Once you get on that path, though – once you are ready to make that call, what should you consider? How should you approach it? I love this HuffPost blog about ‘How to Succeed at Marriage Therapy’

I would only add to the part about choosing a therapist that you ensure that they have training and experience specific to couples work. (That’s right, anyone can advertise as a ‘couples therapist’  – it’s not a regulated term, unfortunately.) Are they Licensed as a Marriage and Family Therapist, or do they have a Certification in a specific modality of couples therapy, such as Emotionally Focused Therapy, or Imago? How does their theory translate into the therapy room? Your therapist should be able to tell you that on the initial phone call. If you are comfortable with that, then schedule an appointment to see if you feel comfortable personally.

Make sure you are in qualified hands, so you can focus on (re)discovering the relationship you really wish for.







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