>I freaking hate my boss!

I used to work with a woman who routinely made people cry, seethe and tear their hair out. Nobody liked her, not even her boss… people had tried to get her fired, and failed, so they stopped trying. It seemed hopeless, inescapable. If you’re being abused all day at work, with no end in sight, it’s really REALLY hard to come home to be nice to the people who matter most to you (that’s your family, btw…)

This post was originally going to be about managing your anxiety at work, so you can come home to treat your loved ones as well as you treat your co-workers… (which is a common complaint among couples). But what if your boss could actually change her behavior?

Here’s a clip I found from a lady they call ‘The Boss Whisperer’ – it helps you understand why your boss is such a jerk, and maybe what can be done about it.









One response to “>I freaking hate my boss!”

  1. Bennifer Brangelina

    Thanks for this! I totally hate my boss & my husband’s always “worried” about me when I get home, because all I can do is vent about her! I see what he’s talking about with ‘bringing it home! Great post!

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