>Memorial Day Musing…

As we remember those who have sacrificed for our country, it occurs to me that it’s also a great time for all of us to consider how we are using our own energy… Do you use your powers for good?!

Remember the scene in ‘Good Will Hunting’, in which he’s being offered a government job that will give him access to some really exciting work? Will thoughtfully responds with concern about how his work will be used, maybe to blow up a village or otherwise hurt people he’s never met. He decides in the end to pursue love and find a way to use his skills in a more ethically-sound manner. That’s what I mean when I talk about how you’re using your power…

I thought of that movie when I read this post from my friend Ruth Buczynski, about returned soldiers who choose to continue using their specialized skills to help people here at home, who have undergone unexpected trauma. Team Rubicon has attracted the attention of the likes of Michelle Obama and Bill Gates – two others who seem to use their powers for others’ good…

I hope this story moves you, and I hope that it inspires you to consider, ” …how am I using my energy? Who benefits from my special skills?! How do I use my personal power to benefit others?! What gets in the way of me doing more of that?”

Much respect for all of those who have fought for freedom, all around the world; and respect to the unsung superheroes who find a way to positively affect the lives of others, in whatever way you can. We are grateful to all of you.







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