>New (and not so new) Daddies: How to survive your Wife

MessyHouseI’m a working Mom, I see it from both sides; I’m just as often the one who comes home to a messy house with no dinner, as I am the one who gets so caught up in helping to create that same mess, that I completely forget to make the aforementioned dinner…

…to say nothing of my professional experience empathizing with both sides of that coin…

If any of this sounds remotely familiar, you gotta read this post on ScaryMommy.com!

I don’t think it’s only for new daddies who suddenly feel neglected and confused, but probably could be translated into current terms for Daddies with experience… maybe a lot of experience in feeling neglected and confused…

I quote: “…a guy who says “I’ll be home early, I’m bringing dinner and I want to take the baby for a walk as soon as I get home”, now that’s a f***ing man…”

Amen, sister. Real men vacuum. Say it loud.

Read the post: http://www.scarymommy.com/new-dad-survival-guide/




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