When was the last time you played?

I mean…

Just let

your body


It’s Sunday night, way past bedtime, and my daughter has come out of bed for the third time. We’ve had a fantastic weekend, and I think she just doesn’t want it to end.

I know the feeling.

She has that smile on her face; the one that sometimes infuriates me because, generally speaking;

Now. Is not. The time.

But the energy from the weekend makes me more curious than irritated.

I ask her what’s on her mind; and from behind her back, she produces a small stone, held perfectly in the center of her little palm.

Play it says, with some new age-y artwork surrounding it…


When was the last time you played, I mean, really played?

At all?

Saturday night I chased my 6-year-old nephew around an obstacle course while we waited for his birthday party to begin. I literally got to sit at the kids table.

And because I wasn’t expecting anything different, I let myself be a kid too.

I played.

What if we didn’t take it so seriously? I mean, I know we have bills to pay and we need to show up in places, but what if we were a little more silly about it?
What if we let each other be a little sillier?

What if we raced around the playground at pick-up? What if we pushed bedtime back because the dance party really just needed to happen?

What if we tickled more?

Or remembered what it is to ‘fool around’.

(I’m sorry, am I being too subtle?!)


What if we ran a little wild? You know it’s in you.

You know it’s dying to come out.

Has it given up on you? With your knotted tie or sensible shoes?


Be curious. Be juicy. Remember where it flows from.

Just be.

Just play.




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