>RIP Robin

Robin RIP

I met Robin Williams at an In-n-Out Burger, many years ago. He truly seemed like a dad out for a bike ride with his kids on a gorgeous Northern California day. Somewhere there’s a picture of my brother standing with him in that parking lot, taken with an actual camera, in the days before life started moving so fast.

Was it moving too fast?
Was it too much to take?

Many of us can recognize the pain of unanswered questions, from someone who left quickly; without explanation.

Many have been left alone by someone we thought would be with us forever.

We grieve for the sudden loss of Robin’s genius, his light, as we also grieve our own unanswered questions, our own losses.

My first hope is that wherever he is, Robin’s heart is as light as he made ours, during his brief stay here…

But selfishly, I hope that this loss moves me to become more sensitive with others; to risk more vulnerability with the people who deserve it; to ask for more help when I need.

Selfishly, I hope I can be inspired to slow down and savor what’s most important; like free time with the kids, with nothing between us but a strip of gray pavement, and a careless Northern California day stretching out ahead…

And selfishly… selfishly… I ache to know the color of  his last breath…*

*Credit Steve Cutshall