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At 3am on any lonely morning, you can jump on the internet to find as much support for leaving your alcoholic spouse, as you can for salvaging your marriage to that alcoholic spouse; usually, without the risk of exposure. You gotta love the internet for helping people feel less alone when they’re convinced they’re the only ones who think or feel a certain way. Therapy can work like that; you’re probably not the first (or last) person to tell me about your specific issue – but for some reason, you’re sure that anyone would recoil in horror at your confessions of love, hate and lust, or all three – but, once you tell me, it’s unethical for me to judge you or tell anyone else! Sweet!

Sooooo, this all comes up as I’m watching this video describing four parenting secrets that no one tells you. Hill-arious! And notice that the audience people laugh a bit nervously at first, but by the time he admits he can’t recognize his own 8-week-old baby, the entire audience is on board! Please share with all of the new parents you know, who are too sleep-deprived and confused to actually be reading this blog!

Let me know what you think! What are your parenting taboos no one talks about?! Should we do a list for early marriage?



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