>V-Day ticks me off

It’s not the commercialization of a contrived holiday, nor is it the idea that you must be coupled to have worth. The biggest thing wrong with V-day is the idea that there is just the one day of expression for how much we care about each other. I’d bet that the collective disappointment most people feel today has more to do how poorly a box of chocolate, even really good chocolate, makes up for feeling underappreciated the other 364 days of the year. Seriously. Racy lingerie can’t compensate for the fact that you rarely say “thank you”, any more than a mountain of roses can make you rediscover the word, “please.”

I think most of us would forgo this holiday altogether in return for our partners’ recognition of the hard work we put into every day.

So let’s make this V-Day a new beginning– Starting today, resolve to notice and say “thank you” for a few of the little things your partner does – like picking up the dry cleaning, or remembering to ask for the fortune cookies. (Mmm…fortune cookies…) Resolve that when reminding your partner of some task, use the word “please”, as in “Would you please remember to pick up the kids from soccer?” See, not that hard, right?

I’m not suggesting that you abandon whatever you planned for today (unless you’re looking for a world of passive-aggressive hurt.) Go ahead and bring home the flowers, put on the sexy panties, whatever you and your partner would want –  just don’t let it stop there. Start saying please… and thank you… and MEAN IT… Do random nice things for your partner because they’re so great to put up with you! Keep doing it, and once they get over the shock, they may just return the favor.

Trust me, a random Wednesday night foot rub gets you much further than a crappy box of contrived-holiday candy ever will.



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