>Why VDay is Hilarious…

Geico VDay MemeOkay, it is not that I hate V-Day;

I do take issue with a culturally integrated event in which folks are encouraged to save up all of their appreciation of each other for one day of ‘sorry I’ve been such a d-bag the other 364′.

And apparently there’s not enough alcohol, sugar and flowers to make up for it, because I get a lot of calls on the 15th from couples who would ‘please like to come in’.

Like, today. Please.

Regardless, in the week leading up to V-Day this year, I received several hilarious memes and I’m sharing the best with you.

Because I totally get you on this one.

Cat VDay memeNOCO2 VDay memeFrozen VDay memeOITNB VDay Meme
















This last one is my favorite. ‘Cause really, if you’re ever going to show the love to someone else, you gotta start with loving yourself.



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