>Stop texting your s**t!

How is it a good idea to go off on your partner in twenty-word sound bytes that can be soooooooo easily misunderstood?!

‘Cause that’s what you’re doing.  Seriously. You’re about to go ten rounds with your partner because they misinterpreted what you meant, or maybe you meant it, but only because YOU misinterpreted THEIR taking a shower (i.e., without their phone…) for ignoring you.

But it’s not just about misinterpretation, it’s about the loss of connection. When you’re texting, you miss all of those nonverbal signs that immediately show you that your partner is upset. You don’t see his downturned eyes, which say that he knows he’s wrong, and if you just shut up long enough, he’ll apologize. You miss her slight head tilt that tells you she just crossed over to the dark side, and it’s time to pull back a little.  Worse, you miss the signs that they’re hurt. You don’t see tears, you don’t feel them tremble, you just see caps. ALL CAPS. LIKE THIS. YOU CAN’T SEE ALL CAPS AND EXCLAMATION POINTS!!! LIKE THIS!!! FOR VERY LONG WITHOUT GETTING PRETTY RILED UP, YOURSELF!!! YOU ALWAYS DO THIS!! YEAH, YOU!!!

Without a physical presence, you miss out on the nuances, the undercurrent you share with your partner that reminds you both that ‘…even though the conversation is difficult, we’re both still here for each other, we’re not going anywhere…’ The connection is lost.

Because with text arguing, it’s just you… alone… (with your phone).

So next time, instead of falling for it, and texting back, do something revolutionary. FORGET THE “RULES”. (Pull that car over and) call them back!

NOTE: There are a few choice words in this video, you might want to turn down the volume if there are kids in the room!






One response to “>Stop texting your s**t!”

  1. Bringing Home The Bacon

    Can’t hang up a text, which is probably a good thing!

    Misinterpretation seems to be a very important factor, I agree. I find that if you give it a little time- that can go a loooong way. All the stupid stuff is finally considered stupid and the important stuff stands solid. Proper apologies are made and a big hug brings it back to the reasons why you love each other. A text “O” hug wouldn’t be the same . .

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