>What’s stopping you?

“The only limits we have, are the limits we set for ourselves!”
-John Victor Self
My beloved spin instructor shouted this out as I sweated along to pounding club music, at the exact moment I was absolutely sure that my legs were going to fall off.

I couldn’t help but think about how this mantra applies to our relationships.

I see many people who are dying to be closer to their partner, but they feel absolutely constricted, or even frozen in some way. It’s like you’re staring at your partner across a bottomless canyon, and wondering how you got sooooo far apart.

What stops you from reaching for your partner? What holds you back? What stops you from repairing your ‘bridge’ to each other, or rebuilding entirely? How much of your relationship has become about your beliefs about what you, or your partner can’t handle?

I’m so very interested in you – please feel free to comment!



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